"I had messed around with lifting weights off and on but was never what you could call a ‘lifter.’ I’d broken my ankle in 2014, gained a ton of weight, became depressed and pretty demotivated, and somewhere around January of 2017 had officially hit my LIFETIME heaviest. Fast forward to December of 2018, I had lost some weight, having joined a local Roller Derby team, but I still wasn’t “in shape,” and  really wanted to get stronger for my sport. I ended up chatting with Greg, and decided I wanted to get more serious about lifting. He worked with me at length to get a program customized for ME. We talked about my sport, my objectives, what my challenges with getting on and sticking with a program had been historically, what time of time I could put into lifting, etc. In true “new year, new me” basic fashion, I started my program with Anarchy Lifting. If you’re concerned about remote coaching, trust me, despite location he is there with you every step of the way.


I committed to a 16wk total program that would carry me right up to the start of my derby games season. At the end of each 4-wk module, he’d review my numbers, make tweaks, check in to see how things were going, and crank out another custom 4-wk module. In between, he was also the first one to share my PR videos, and comment on all my IG videos of my lifts. I have just now completed week 16, and want to use my results to encourage ANYONE who is on the fence to take the plunge and start working with Greg to build your program. In week three, when I started the primary lifts, I was able to do a 3x5 @135# for Squat, 3x5 (on the SMITH!) @105# for bench (which I think honestly would have translated out to maybe 65#?) and 3x5 @155# for Dead. Last week, in week 15, I pulled a 330# Dead, took 315# for an easy ride in a lowbar squat, and benched a 155#. Working with Greg, I’ve become as strong as I’ve been in my life, and I continue to grow stronger. I’ve never been as consistent with something as I have been while working with Greg either. Now lifting is habit, not a chore. I leave my gym, get in my car, and I’m already looking forward to my next lift. What I got from Greg was so much more than a simple program – it was the start of a new way of life. I’m now 36, in likely the best shape of my life… so far. "


"If you're not an athlete, it can be hard to make healthy choices and to stick with them. Greg of Anarchylifting.com completely understands the difficulty some have with this challenge. I suffer from adrenal fatigue which causes me to constantly be exhausted, forces me to keep my energy on reserve, and has kept me avoidant of the gym for about 3 years. Greg took the time to research my condition before coming up with a comprehensive meal and workout plan that was easy to stick to. He made himself easily available to answer any questions or thwart any self-doubt that may have come up along the way. He also adjusted my workouts and meal plan to my needs as I reported the changes in my energy back to him. I highly recommend supporting this business as you make a change for the better in your life."

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